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Energy Efficient Lighting

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UFL Bulb

Designed to replace the traditional tungsten light bulbs up-to 40 watts. consume only 2watts. have a unique Led bunch Formation (Our patent right) with plastic shell to make it unbreakable for long use and enabling repairs. estimated operational life our 50,000 hours (runing 10-15 years on 8 hours daily basic) warranted for 3 years perfomance subject to mishandling or misused. extended warranty up to 5 years as option. energy saving when replacing a 25 watt night lamp * energy saving for 50,000 hours = 1150kwh. *replacement 50bulbs@Rs.10/-= Rs.500/- *Total saving = kwh*unit cost of electricity + replacement *dimensions = L125mm, D60mm

UFL Mini Tube (1FT), Small Tube (2Ft.) Large Tubet(4Ft)

Designed to replace traditional FTL & CFL (7 to 40 watts) these lights are available in various versions consuming 2 to 10 watts and are available pure white & yellow lights. Estimated life 50,000 hours, Energy saving for 50,000 hours =1,500kwh,. replacement 25FTL@Rs.80/-=Rs.2,00/-(including choke, starters, tubes etc,) Total saving = kwh*unit cost unit cost of electricity+replacement

UFL Modern Decorative Fixtures For False Celing

Recess lights-dimeters form 1 to 6 inchs consuming 0.5 to 6 watts recess lights/ diameter single & double fixtures & surface mounting fixtures consuming from 3to 20 watts replacing CFL/FTL fixtures from 11 to 72 watts Estimated operational life 50,000 hours(runing 10 to 15 years on 8 hours daily basis) Customised fittings and lights as per buyer's requirement and light matrix can be worked out.

UFL Garden lights & General lighting

Available in different versions with pure white, warm & yellow lights in different lighting fixtures consuming2 to 5watts. estimated operational life 50,000 hours (runing 10 to 15 years on 8 hours daily basis)

UFL Composite Rural Kit

Including 2bulbs, mini tube, 1fan (with rechargeable battery), 1charge controller and batteries. Small and medium hybrid solar power packs from 200 watts to 10 kws also available.


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