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Business Outlook

The organization works with modern techniques and gadgets making best use of I.T (information technology) and e networking so that the operations can be efficient, direct and fast. The underline philosophy is to provide our customers and the public with best and economical services / products. It is a matter of pride for us to mention that we have excellent relations with our customers. We always work with a motto to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Technology Up-Gradation

Due to a rich resource of experienced technical experts our organization is benefitted by a regular up-gradation of new and modern technologies, techniques, processes through continuous R&D on various aspects of our product range and the growing requirements of the consumers. We are also thus strong players as Systems Integrators for various applications. It is a matter of pleasure for us to say that we are pioneers in the introduction of Evacuated Glass Tube technology (EGT) in India and amongst a few to work and introduce the Heat-Pipe Glass Tubes for special applications in extremely cold climates and higher temperature requirements. We are also unique in introducing the special dimensional tubes yielding the benefit of better shock resistance and more hot water per square meter. We have also pioneered the use of special Borosil glass encased electrical heating elements to avoid scaling and quick replacement because of hard/ brash water quality.

We also feel happy in stating that we are one of the leaders in introducing UFL (User Friendly Light) energy conserving LED lighting systems and luminaires. These lighting systems are developed and produced for a vide range of residential, commercial, industrial and special applications and are mostly retrofitted and long lasting. Despite the initial cost they pay back in 2-3 years and give continuous benefit for another 8-10 years making them highly economical. Our unbreakable 2 watt- 360 degree light emitting bulb based on LED is an ideal application for rural and remote areas.

We are also now promoting the combined use of the hybrid solar/wind power systems by the use of small wind turbines ranging from 200 watts- 5 kw making the combination a highly technical proposition with excellent energy solutions.

It can thus be observed we are not only carrying out commercial activities in the field of non conventional energies but are also developing new products and finding new solutions which are practical and economical. This gives us a strong competitive advantage over other field players. 




Prominent Customers and Green Mission Supporters
Amongst a few valuable and well known users of our products and technologies